Maria Ozawa, better, hotter, bolder!

If you guys are looking for Maria Ozawa news then I got one for you!

Obviously this blog is a mess now! :) Got recent problems with picture server and since blogspot is killing ALL porn/sex related blog, this will soon come to an end. They just don't love Maria Ozawa, it's that simple. That is why I'm giving you guys what you truly deserve! A good Maria Ozawa website! Go here now and be updated! Let's all meet up there! Pimp, pump, pack! :D

Our love for Maria Ozawa flies high and so she is in a movie that she made. But you won’t have that movie. Not unless you request it from me by posting comment. Stewardesses are so hot, and seeing Maria Ozawa wear that uniform can certainly make us high above the clouds!

The second photo shows Maria in the classic high school uniform. Stewardess and a high school girl – the type that will surely make you fall either in love or in lust.

GamePad of Maria Ozawa is Toying You

That is the game pad of PlayStation 2 of Maria Ozawa. It is colored pink, truly fits her lovely personality. Do you want to play with Maria Ozawa? And what can you say regarding her other pictures in this blog post? See the the last one asking you to play with him in a mature way? That’s one game you couldn’t say no!

So grab her, I mean that game pad and play with her now!

Dog and Bed of Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa loves a dog. How cute would that be?! She cares for this little poor puppy. She hugs her, she kisses her. Oh would you like to trade places with that dog so you can be close to Maria Ozawa? Even if I have a dog allergy, I would not mind hurting my self if there is a way I can get close to this hot asian Maria Ozawa, I will do it. Perhaps a good tactic would to get her pet dog’s food in the pet shop. That should give me some good points.

And then there is her bed. Oh, I’d love to lay down on the bed! Actually that picture is a film poster from one of the mature films that started Maria Ozawa.

Maria Ozawa Undresses

This is another favorite. This picture of Maria Ozawa is so inviting, I already reserved you some tickets! Kidding! Seriously, we would love to watch her undress right? I guess you have to settle first with that picture, as I will give you your most awaited Maria Ozawa videos later. Maybe if you comment here, I will be forced to pour out those Maria Ozawa Video Collections that I have.

Maria Ozawa is a Classy Student and Nurse

I just love this picture of Maria Ozawa. Seeing her in panty thrills me. Let alone the next picture where she is wearing a nurse uniform – Maria Ozawa as Nurse is truly one of our fantasies right? She probably is the hottest porn nurse in the whole world. Would you like to be taken cared by Maria Ozawa? What do you think would you feel if she offers to nurse you? I guess you would wish not to get better eh?!

Don’t Make Maria Ozawa Wait

See these pictures? What is she telling you? Hot Maria Ozawa is inviting. She is asking you not to make her wait. Will you go to her? Will you make her wait in loneliness? I didn’t think so. See her pictures all so lovely, as she gives us a pose that we will never forget. Maria certainly knows how to invite you. Let’s not make her wait, let’s all move so she can find us waiting for her!

Maria Ozawa in Great Pose and Red Hat

You have seen naked, you have seen her in bikini, you have seen her in school uniform, you have seen her wear different accessories. But Maria Ozawa is really pretty and sexy, no matter what she wears. I would not be surprised if you didn’t imagine Maria Ozawa wearing a fashionable red hat such as these and still look erotically stimulating. That is the word. She is still so hat even with that simple hat. I agree, bad rhyme, but who cares? We all want Maria Ozawa’s pictures with or without the description.

Boots and Legs of Maria Ozawa

Aside from her angelic face, the other amazing part of Maria Ozawa’s body is her legs. Just looks at those fine legs, as if they were drawn. No scratches or marks, or whatever dirty remains of her dark past. She doesn’t have a dark past, I just wrote it for poetic reasons. Well we do know what her past is, and we still love her for whatever she is.

I think the boots perfectly made Maria Ozawa sexier, and I thought that before there is no way that she can ever be sexier, just look at her figure. If Olympus was ever near Fuji, then Maria Ozawa will definitely named Venus.

We love Maria Ozawa, today and tomorrow.

Is Maria Ozawa Your Queen?

Is Maria Ozawa Your Queen?

How much do you love Maria Ozawa? Are you willing to be in service of her? Do you worship her? Why don’t you look at these pictures and then ask yourself?

As for the many of us, Maria Ozawa is our queen; we will follow wherever she goes, wherever she appears, wherever she moves. We will watch her videos, her appearances, and we will collect her pictures. Maria Ozawa is our queen and we are all under her.

Maria Ozawa’s Breast is Finally Out

You might be wondering why I am not putting anything titillating here. Well your wait is over. See the third picture of Maria Ozawa, so hot and bold – literally. So feast on that nude picture of Maria.

If will examine, the theme of Maria Ozawa’s pictures in this post seems to be evolving, from a demure lady, to a sweet and almost innocent young asian star to a no holds barred, all breast exposed porn idol.

Brace yourself as there is more to see about Maria Ozawa.

Maria Ozawa Touched

The first picture speaks for the title. I don’t know whose hand is that. What I do know is that you are dying to be that man.

As for the other pictures, well I know your thoughts are still fixated with the first photo. So I will just give in to you! Subscribe now so you can have these amazing photos!

Kinky High School Uniform of Maria Ozawa

Japanese like high school girls. They are the cutest girls in town – not the college girls. And so when Maria Ozawa wears a good high school uniform, we got ourselves an instant outstanding fantasy queen.

What’s so great about high school girls is that they are in the age of awaking, one that is still present in the eyes of Maria Ozawa – a never ending look of surprise and disbelief, and one that really attracts lustful guys like you.

I can’t seem to count how many porn stars all dressed in high school uniforms made porn movies. But one this is for sure, they are no better than Maria Ozawa, especially when she is dressed in a costume like these.

Maria Ozawa - a Fine Lady

Maria Ozawa is now a lady. I bet you all can see that! And why am I telling you this? That is because she deserves some lady treatment.

An outstanding treatment for a queen, or an imperial princess is what perhaps suites her best.

I don’t know about you guys, but looking at these pictures, she is definitely a fine young lady and a princess who is just not wearing a grand gown.

Shirt of Maria Ozawa

Hold your horses guys, that is not Maria Ozawa! See that body! That is a guy and his name is not Maria. His surname is not Ozawa. More so, his nickname is not Miyabi. His waistline is not 24, his bust line - he doesn’t even have a bust line.

Now who is he? That is not important. What’s important is what he is wearing. He is wearing a Maria Ozawa fan shirt! Isn’t that awesome? I am going to get my own fan shirt soon! If you want one too, maybe you can check all the pictures on this blog so you can put the best photo that Maria Ozawa has

Maria Ozawa Spreads Her Arms and Legs

We all want this picture, don’t we? In fact we are all willing to extend our efforts only to see Maria Ozawa spread her arms and legs – for whatever purpose.

Lucky you, you are here in where everything about Maria is possible!

In her undies, to her famous violet dress and of course, a peek into Maria Ozawa while she is in the shower! She is simply hot!

See her fine legs, spread as if posing alone in her private time. If I were you, I would save this to my desktop

The Relaxed, Dumb and Fighting Maria Ozawa

First I would like to apologize for the title. It’s not something that I wrote to mock or ridicule her. You guys know that I would never do that. I love Maria Ozawa as much as (or even more than) you do. That justifies this fan blog about her.

Enough of that, ok? You might ask, why that title. Well see for yourself! Perhaps there is no need to explain the relaxed part. Now the second picture, dubbed as “dumb”. Why dumb? Her face is so clueless, and innocent! Okay I admit, dumb is not the right word but it appears that she plays dumb anyway. Just look at that facial expression. Nevertheless, I still love her. If all the dumb people in the world will look like Maria Ozawa, this world will surely be a better place to live in!

And as for the last picture with muffins she used as boxing gloves, here is one word for you: Aja!?

Maria Ozawa - Eating and Waiting

Now can anybody tell me who is that more who made Maria Ozawa waiting? Sigh! Good thing she is under an embracing shade – we don’t want to see Maria being fried under the sun!

That’s maybe why she decides to eat some refreshing food. How we love to join Maria in her food trip.

And there the final picture, Maria Ozawa in her careless moments. If you were there, will you let her have the pose

Maria Ozawa Takes a Bath, Goes Out and Rest

This is the most stupid photo essay I can come up with. You can’t blame, I lose all my intelligence and creativity every time I see Maria Ozawa. I am pretty sure the same thing happens to you – unless you are a gay, I won’t wonder why.

Back on the topic, this appears to be an ordinary day in the life of Maria Ozawa, she takes a good bath (something that we really want to see), takes on good clothes (another thing that we really want to watch) to go out, and when he gets tired, she lies down (this is something we want her to do while we are around).

Nevertheless, she remains as perfect and as hot as ever!