Who is the Sexy Maria Ozawa?

Maria Ozawa’s name in Japanese is Miyabi. She was born in January 8, 1986. As you may already know, Maria Ozawa is the most popular and most fantasized AV actress!

This sexy girl Maria Ozawa has mixed blood. The mother of Maria Ozawa is Japanese, while her father is French-Canadian.

Maria Ozawa fans describe her to have "a perfect balance of Japanese beauty mixed with a dash of exoticism."

Maria Ozawa is able to speak English because she went to an international school during high school. Although she can speak English, she boldly profess that she prefers Asian to be her romantic and sexual partners.

As surprising as it may sound, Maria Ozawa was addicted to hockey during her high school years. This lady likes to sing too. She is also a very good cook. Maria Ozawa also likes to watch av and porn. And for the young guys out there, Maria Ozawa also enjoys playing with herself as well as playing video games. Right now she has a very cute pink Nintendo DS Lite, and a lovely Playstation 2 – also colored pink.


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maria ozawa is just so great!